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A life spent pursuing anything pretty. I bake and create, then compulsively photograph, and this blog is the result. As I find techniques or recipes that work, or happen upon those that might not, I will share them with you – hopefully adding a little finesse to your everyday life!

I am a web designer/producer for a software company by day, closet foodie, design geek, and wedding aficionado by night. I love vintage glamor, neutral color palettes, and will buy products simply because of the packaging. I sincerely hope you enjoy following my ups and downs on the road to the sweet life.


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  1. cheryl / May 8 2012

    I was wondering if you have a way to subscribe to your blog. I do not see anything about it…maybe I am blind today:)


    • admin / Sep 6 2012

      Hi Cheryl,
      You can subscribe to my blog by clicking “subscribe to RSS” link in the right column of the site.
      Thanks for your interest!!

  2. Dusty. / Sep 19 2013

    I totally by products simply because of the packaging!

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