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Oct 8 / admin


September was a crazy month for us! We wasted no time getting to work on the house, and item number one on the to-do list was tree removal. While we were certainly sad to see them go, we had to get rid of some to make way for our new septic system (thrilling post on this coming soon!). And what a difference it has made! We were shocked how many trees we had on our lot, and actually went from requesting that two come down to a grand total of 15! And there are still plenty!

To give you a sneak peek of the end result, here is a before picture:

Yes it looks beautiful and green compared to the “after” below, but we were hardly able to take advantage of ANY of our half acre lot.

This is what we have the pleasure of looking fondly on today:

So yes, it is a large dirt pit, but the septic system install removed all of the very minimal grass we had before. We’re working on the yard situation currently, but anyway, here’s a look at the whole process!

The day before the tree guys were scheduled to come, this is what we were looking at. We knew we wanted a very large oak tree, and giant pine removed, and went to the house to mark them (as if they could have missed them…). In the process, we also identified 5 more small trees, and decided to have them clear out all of the overgrown underbrush.

The team showed up bright and early, and got to work quickly. It was amazing to watch the transformation! The underbrush came up so quickly – our yard grew to almost double in size in under half an hour. The tractor thing they used was amazing!

In addition to the tractor, they used chainsaws to limb the smaller trees and then cut them.

Already looking better sans scrub pines and bittersweet bushes!

The light that now could come onto the property was awesome – what a difference from the dark, muggy yard from before.

Once the “easy” work was done (their words, not mine) the guys quickly got to work with their bucket truck. The slower process of limbing the trees and then topping them off in manageable sections was impressive to watch. All of the trees were between 80 and 100 feet tall, and the noise that the branches and trunk segments made when falling from that height was astounding. We certainly made an unavoidably obnoxious arrival into our neighborhood! So many people stopped to watch what was happening.

The tree that was most difficult for me to watch come down was the very large oak tree right behind the house. I was so sad to be responsible for removing an impressive piece of nature, but I knew it was the right thing to do. It was so close to the house that we were concerned about potential damage. We later found out when they dug up the stump for the septic system that the tree had NO root system…

See that giant rock at the bottom of the hole? That is all that 80 foot tree was holding on to. The tiny roots were balanced precariously on top, and when the septic guys pulled it up, we all stopped and just stared at it. They said they had never seen anything like it, and with one big rain storm, we may have had a crushed house. Needless to say, I was not quite as sad to see the tree go.

Back to the tree removal…they finished topping off all of the trees before going back to take care of the remaining 20 or 30 feet. To cut this part of the tree down, they carefully removed a wedge-shaped piece and guided the tree to the ground. Even though it was the last part to fall, it still made an incredibly loud landing!

The guys were very strategic about lining up the fall, and got it right every time!

As they removed trees, we kept identifying others that we hadn’t seen before. That’s how our total escalated quickly from 2 trees to 15. However, we decided that since the cost to remove the additional trees was much lower because they were already on the property we would just go for it, and our vision of an open backyard started to come to life. You can see how much more space we have now!

The guys were nice enough to slice me off a piece of the oak – now I have to decide what to do with it! The overwhelming majority of people seem to be sold on a table, but we’ll see. It’s so heavy!!

So overall, taking down the trees was the right thing to do. It made it easier to put in our septic system, and has given us hope for a nice large yard, while still retaining a lovely border for privacy. We will probably take out a few more small pines in the coming months, but it was great to have H.M Flagg come in and take care of the majority. We had an exciting first few days of being home owners, and made quite the entrance into the neighborhood!


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