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Feb 18 / admin

DIY Sketch Dinnerware

To continue the creative Christmas posts…DIY sketch dinnerware! I made a few mugs, and the appetizer plates below, and it was so fun to tailor the designs to each recipient.

The little sketches are all done with regular or super fine Sharpie, and drawn onto plain glazed ceramic that I picked up at various home good stores. After drawing on the plates or mugs, I baked them at 350 degress for one hour, and then let them cool completely in the oven.

I found that going over the design twice to three times prior to baking really helped them stand out, and also enhanced longevity through wash and wear.

I’ll definitely keep these in my arsenal of gift ideas. I’d love to try some with colored Sharpie too. So cute!


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  1. Aunt Amy / Feb 20 2013

    I love these!!!
    Such a clever lassie!

  2. sugarcandy / Mar 12 2013

    obviously super, thank you!

  3. Dusty. / Sep 19 2013

    Umm, these are adorable!!!!!!!! I just love them. So simple with such character. Perfect.

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