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Dec 30 / admin

Watercolorist in Training

All of the holiday gifts have been distributed, which means it is time for the creative Christmas recap!! I was almost 100% successful in making all of my gifts this year (I’d say 5% were store-bought), so I figured I’d share some of my ups and downs (this is the first in a 5 part series which I will lovingly call “Creative Christmas.” Get excited!). I had a great time working on projects for friends and relatives; I wish I could have made even more! Guess I’ll have to start earlier next year!

I’ve never used watercolors before, but decided that now is as good a time as any to start. And I love them! The variety of tones and depth of color they produce is completely different than acrylic or oil paint, and I am moderately obsessed with the way they elevate representations of everyday objects. The little vignettes I painted are specific to the interests of the recipient…

…an avocado for a guac lover…

…a set of little wine bottles for a vino-loving friend…

…the Fire Island lighthouse…

…and a very glamorous artichoke (which I finished in a gilded frame).

The largest painting (the lighthouse) is 9×12 inches and framed to 11×17 (I forgot to photograph this), with all of the others fitting in 5×7 frames.

I loved working with a small brush and building layers of color and detail. I will certainly be continuing to refine my style and I can’t wait to make more gifts!!

Check back soon for part two of the Creative Christmas recap…(*hint* – it has to do with DIY patterned china!)



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  1. Angelina / Feb 10 2013

    You have a lot of talent. I just started this myself. Are you using a dry method or wet on wet?

    • admin / Feb 18 2013

      Hi Angelina – thanks! I use both methods, depending on the desired results. For these, I used primarily dry method. Have fun painting!

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