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Jan 18 / admin

Bridal Headband

It has been a very busy and exciting holiday season for my family! My cousin got married at the beginning of the December, and I was lucky enough to be included in her wedding as her maid of honor. I had a wonderful time putting together all sorts of fun accessories, invitations and packaging for her various events, my favorite of which might be the headband I made for her bachelorette weekend.

Because many of her bridesmaids traveled long distances to help celebrate, and weren’t able to attend her official bridal shower, we put together a surprise shower (more on this later!) during our girls’ weekend away. I wanted to give the bride something fun to wear, but knew she wouldn’t go for anything covered in rhinestones, glitter, or pink satin. We both have a penchant for rather silly, oversized hair accessories, so I knew a bridal themed headband would be perfect.



For the bow I used a wide band of white ribbon, and sewed it into large, abstract layered loops. When I was done with the main bow, I added in pieces of the Swiss dot tulle I used on her bachelorette invitations to help tie the whole thing together (also I just LOVE the tulle). To attach the bow to the headband, I cut two small pieces of white felt, sewed the bow onto one, and then used hot glue to sandwich the headband between the felt. A the end, I added a swath of light weight tulle towards the front, which I thought was a fun reference to a little birdcage veil.

Overall, the headband was a hit! The bride wore it to all of the pre-wedding events, and I thought it looked so pretty on her. And so fun!

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  1. Lynn C / Jan 19 2012

    This is so beautiful and what a great idea!

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