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Dec 17 / admin

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Need I say more?

I don’t think so – but humor me. After an epic struggle, almost year-long, with making caramels, I finally found a wonderful recipe. I am so in love with it, I have devoted a whole separate post to it. However, here we will focus on something so much more delicious than just a simple caramel.

Cover it with dark chocolate and sprinkle some salt, and that is something to talk about.

I have always loved the salty/sweet combination, so add in some chocolate and it really can’t get any better. Of course, when I had this stroke of brilliance, I didn’t really process that millions of other have already completed the task, and documented it extensively. But I had my own variation of struggles, which I will share with you, to hopefully help prevent yours in the future.

First, you must must temper your chocolate. This seems obvious, yes, but it was a sad day when I woke to check on my beautiful caramels and their dark shell had bloomed an ugly white film overnight. All over my Guittard. I mean, really? It was upsetting. Trust me – temper. Often.

Also, I had a slight oozing issue when I missed covering even a tiny spot of caramel. I think the chocolate must contract when it cools, squeezing out an ugly little bit of caramel that just ruins the overall look. Still, yummy, but watch the holes.

Because of my fervent tempering, my chocolate kept cooling very quickly, so I had to dip with one hand (I gave up on the civilized utensil-driven approach to dipping pretty quickly) and salt with the other. With this process, chocolate will go everywhere. Consider yourself warned.

Generally, I think that is it for my insight. In the end, you really can’t go wrong. Cover those caramels and salt them – trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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